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North County Darters Unlimited Inc.

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We have 2 formats: Division 1 Plays 4 single matches of 401 single in double out, 4 single matches of American Cricket, 2 Doubles matches of American Cricket and lastly 2 Doubles matches of 501 Double In, Double Out. Division 2 Plays: 2 Single matches of 401 single in double out, 2 single matches of American Cricket and the rest of the format is the same as Division 1. 


Our league was started about 16 years ago by some people who just wanted to have fun throwing darts and didn't want to travel to far to do it. Our boundries are from County Line Road in Tequesta to Okeechobee Blvd in West Palm Beach.

Our Officers:
Sam Kramer, President
Shawn Lake, Vice President
Terry Miller, Secretary
Karen Ebenhack, Treasurer

Other members that complete our Board: Dave Martin, Bert Tong, Cary Hindmon and Lennoris Whitfield